I am a high school biology teacher who loves to see students get excited about learning science, making connections to life outside of the classroom, and sharing their learning with others.

In the classroom, I use a lot of different technology tools to enhance my lessons and push student learning to higher levels.  Some of the instructional technology that I have implemented 1 to 1 iPads, GAFE, Smart Boards, Chromebooks, and Flipped/Blended Teaching.  I strongly believe that technology, if used correctly, is a tool that can enrich our lessons and help our students show what they are learning in so many new ways. Technology allows students to be more creative, practice critical thinking skills, collaborate and communicate with others around the world.

I enjoy using technology in the classroom, learning about educational technology from conferences, workshops, and on twitter, and presenting about successful technology strategies.  I have given presentations about science literacy, SMART Boards, iPads, GAFE, CCSS and NGSS, and other technology at my school, district, county office, and at state and national conferences.

Recent & Upcoming Presentations

The Marathon Symposium Using Google Tour Creator in an NGSS Classroom February 22, 2020 
Silicon Valley STEM Summit Gamify Your Curriculum with BreakoutEdu June 1, 2019 
Silicon Valley STEM Summit ClEvR Lab Reports Using Adobe Spark Video June 1, 2019 
CUE BOLD Phenomenal Science: Now in 3D! May 5, 2019 
CUE BOLD Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? May 4, 2019 
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