Project Based Learning

Do you feel that students have too many tests to take and you want to find an alternative way for students to show what they have learned? Are you tired of the same boring PowerPoints when you ask your students to present their learning? If you are like me, you cringe at having to sit through 30+ student’s presentations (and that’s only if you teach one section of this class!). You will learn how to use different types of multimedia tools to provide your students with a variety of ways to present what they have learned. You will also learn how students can curate their resources and what they have learned.

Part 1:  Curation

In this workshop, you will learn how to use a variety of tools to curate materials to share with your students, as well as tools that your students can use to share what they have researched, learned, and created with you.

Part 2:  Creation

In this workshop you will learn how students can show what they have learned using multimedia tools. You will create a video and/or screencast that you can use in your classroom and go on a Photowalk using Instagram and other Smart Phone apps.

Part 3:  Evaluate Lessons & Build Your Own Projects

In this workshop, you will learn about the different levels of technology integration using the SAMR model.  You will evaluate a sample lesson to see where on the SAMR scale it is (how the lesson integrates technology), and then have work time to create your own lesson/project using the multimedia tools from the morning.