Students at the Core of Our Instruction

Students at the Core of Our Instruction The real core of Common Core is the learner. In this session, we are going to redesign our instruction to put the student and their learning at the center of our lessons. You will learn some tools that organize course content, provide students choice, formatively assess learning, and allow students to present their learning in a creative way.

Students at the Core of Our Instruction

Sample Assignment

Did you know that what you saw in Jurassic Park is possible?  Scientists are currently working on ways to bring back extinct species through a process called de-extinction.  For our final activity this year, you will research how de-extinction works and evaluate all of the factors that scientists must consider as they bring back a species.  

Part 1:  Research

Using the resources in the Blendspace below, define de-extinction and explore the issues scientists need to consider if they are to bring back a species.   Take collaborative notes on this Google Sheet.

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Part 2:  Share your Learning

After researching de-extinction, you will be creating an infographic or screencast, which will be shared with the class.  
(These resources were curated using

View your classmates presentations here.