WeVideo: Part 3

Student Video Projects are a great way to assess student understanding of content, and meet many of the Common Core standards.  Students will practice communication, collaboration, writing, researching, organization, and presentations skills in one project.    

WeVideo allows students to use their mobile devices to film scenes or take photos, which are then easily uploaded to WeVideo, where they can edit and publish their finished videos.

In this WeVideo strand, you will gain access to our district WeVideo account to use with your students, learn how to create and edit videos, set up projects for your class, and have time to plan a project and collaborate with other participants.

In the final session, you will have time to create your own project, from brainstorming ideas, storyboarding, research, planning out a unit, etc.  You will be able to collaborate and share ideas with other participants in the session and leave with a complete project ready to assign to your students.